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Chilly weather, warm hearts

A few weeks ago, my cousin officially went off the market with a beautiful vineyard wedding in sunny California. Alas, I got a group picture with him, but not a single with the bride! But that's ok, that happens when showing up late. Tim and I spent the better part of the day travelling. I'm in the group that prefers to be punctual, if not a little early. Yet, I knew that wouldn't be the case after factoring in driving time, showing up to the wrong hotel, and making ourselves look presentable. At first, I worried we were lost as we made our way to the venue. The hills all around us turned a golden color (because of the drought), but once we crested the highest point of the road- rows of greenery. The couple looked happy, while family and friends were snapping group pictures with such a scenic background. I was aware the weather would be chilly, but good company will always warm your heart. It was a beautiful wedding, and I wish my cousin a lifetime of happiness.

I learned during a June trip to Napa Valley that the white flowers planted along the rows of grapes were meant to help workers spot signs of disease. If the flowers showed discoloration, the workers knew they had to get rid of the harvest.

I never developed a taste for alcohol, but the vineyard tour was insightful to the process of wine-making, and even the sense of pride that goes along into creating a product.

But back to the wedding... The reception took place underneath a white tent, with clear plastic siding for guests to look out to the landscape. The venue served wine, but some family members took a BYOB stance... with hard liquor. Drinks were imbibed, food consumed, and dancing ensued. Sadly, I don't have pictures that extend pass the start of the reception.

It was nice to see everyone dolled up and having a good time. Luckily, it won't be long until I see those happy troublemakers again.

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