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Location: Eiffel Society

Male Grooming: Cat Vo

Model: Christian with Launch Models Management

I had only planned two looks for this shoot, but when Christian walked in with this awesome jacket, I knew I just had to photograph him in his own street clothes. The patches all dow...


I've made some upgrades to my gear, and I have to say, it's been quite nice. Although not a necessity for sessions, it's helped me in terms of workflow-- especially in review of composition, lighting, and just basic review with model/client. 

1. TetherTools

I debated ab...


Straight to the point: I closed my Etsy shop. The site brands itself prominently on products like clothes, craft goods, bags, shoes, etc. It didn't serve me so well in the instant downloads arena. Maybe the lack of success is to be blamed on my hustle game... which was non...


A lot of times I test a light setup by being my own model. But of course, I don't feel right getting in front of the camera without looking half decent, which I mean to the fullest extent of "half decent." I figure I'm below average with it comes to makeup application, as...


I'm seriously behind on posting this entry, but better late than never, right? A ramen restaurant is preparing to open in New Orleans, and I've gotten a tasty preview of what will be on the menu, but that's not to say that others haven't. Union Ramen has been hosting sever...


It was such a joy photographing two friends as they prepare to welcome their daughter. As much as I love the all-out glamour shots of floating dresses and straight-up model poses to highlight the beauty of motherhood, I'm more preferential to a casual shoot for an occasion...


I did it. I created a shop on Etsy and it's quite easy to look up. [plug MonicaVoPhoto]  It took me a while to get it together, but there it is. As much as I love portraits and food, I thought it was a waste that I wasn't doing anything with my pictures of flower, lea...


I had the pleasure of working with a former colleague in the news industry. Emeka Dibia was a jack-of-all-trades sort of character in the newsroom. One minute he could be operating the in-studio cameras, then working on scripts, or running out with a photographer to cover...

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