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Love & Friendship

I've waited months to share these pictures! Since Daniel and Vy are my besties, I wanted to afford them the opportunity to share the images first with family and friends. And oh, did I have to wait. I took the following photos in April 2017, and they didn't send out their "save the date" until recently! [insert shocked emoji face] To be fair, their wedding isn't until Spring 2018.

Since the proposal, they envisioned their engagement pictures at a bar. I was thinking high glam, dramatic lighting complete with serious faces. But that's not them. When it comes to Vy, she is thoughtful of others, and so spirited! I'm lucky that we're family by chance, but best friends by choice. As for Daniel, he's authentically himself, even from when I first met him all those years ago. He knows his way around conversation, through moments of laughter and stoicism.

Vessel NOLA served as a perfect location. When I stepped into the restaurant (converted from a church), I reeled back by the strong yellow light coming through the tinted windows. Thankfully, I had another light source that helped balance out the colors.

I love to see them laugh, and see them immersed in deep conversation. Capturing just that makes me feel like I did a job well done, if I may say so myself.

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