If only there was Smell-O-Vision

There's nothing like a shoot that afterwards, leaves you feeling hungry for more. I am, of course, talking about FOOD. Food photography is such a wonderful craft because you must solely rely on the visual component to give people an idea of what the dish tastes like.... that is, until someone invents Smell-O-Vision. (Shout out to Futurama).

I recently partnered with my sister's company, Artisan Empire, to provide images of dishes from Nine Roses located in Gretna, LA. It's a restaurant known for its community style of dining. Nine Roses will soon go through a renovation, and thus, also needed to hit refresh on its website. Look out for that soon!

The shoot consisted of a simple continuous light screen right.

Featured dishes:

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Omlette)

Chao Tom (Chargrilled shrimp paste wrapped in sugarcane)

Goi Ngo Sen (Lotus Delight Salad)

Bo Tai Chanh (Lemon medium-rare beef served with sauce)

Goi Cuon (Shrimp & Pork Spring Roll)

Cut Quay (Roasted Quail served with Steamed Buns)

Ca Kho To (Catfish in Clay Pot)

Bonus content:

I did a quick shoot with the woman behind Nine Roses!

It would be nice to retake her portrait in the space once the renovation is complete.

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