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Casual Maternity Shoot at Home

It was such a joy photographing two friends as they prepare to welcome their daughter. As much as I love the all-out glamour shots of floating dresses and straight-up model poses to highlight the beauty of motherhood, I'm more preferential to a casual shoot for an occasion such as this. I'm glad that's why my friend, Monica picked the best location-- her house! I feel as though I cheated because well, they're my friends. We did not need much in the way of prep talk. And more importantly, Monica and her husband, Steven trusted me to do my job.

The master bedroom had wonderful natural light streaming in from double sliding doors. I supplemented more light with a hot-shoe flash when necessary (which was actually, majority of the time). We moved on to their super spacious kitchen (I think I've been living in an apartment too long) and the living room. Their adorable dog, Daisy was feeling left out of all the fun and made several guest appearances. She really is such a lady.

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