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Ramen Lovers Unite!

I'm seriously behind on posting this entry, but better late than never, right? A ramen restaurant is preparing to open in New Orleans, and I've gotten a tasty preview of what will be on the menu, but that's not to say that others haven't. Union Ramen has been hosting several pop-ups at area breweries, but I know they'll be able to really shine once they have their own space. Meantime, I was recruited to take some lovely pictures. It was a collaborative effort, indeed! I would definitely love to showcase different looks for them, if the opportunity comes up again.

While they don't have a physical location just yet, they already have a website up and running, which you can check out here. Seriously, it's hard reviewing pictures of such delicious food while on an empty stomach (or a full one at that).

In terms of how I achieved the shots, I had an off-camera flash fitted with a grid to concentrate the light. And then, let there be (a bright) light! There was also some white boards around, which I may or may not have used as fill.

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