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My better half is often the subject of my photographic enthusiasm, but his own excitement may be a bit lacking. That's okay, because something wonderful happened. You've heard of RBF, but what about RSF? He has such a beautiful"resting sad face." I think RBF and RSF get a bad reputation. It's because those facial expressions are not a mask that people put up when they know someone is watching. His face, his eyes... it feels very much unabashed and unafraid of what the subject thinks of the viewer, for better.

If you look at the thumbnails below, the images that feature a smile feel disingenuous. I know his smile, and that's not it. He didn't feel like smiling, but did upon my request. During my review, I found image #63 was my favorite. If you're thinking, "Monica, image #62 isn't too bad, Tim has a great profile!" I agree with you, but his eyes turned toward the light source did not make for as a powerful image as in #63. When I look at it, I want to know what he was thinking (probably wondering when I'll be satisfied with the shoot.) Aside from the emotional pull, I also considered the technical aspect. There is a strong shadow on the left side of his face, but there's enough detail and depth around his ear that I found the image to be my favorite. If there were no details in the shadow, then I would've discarded the image.

In case you're wondering about the number on the frames, it's not quite accurate. I did not take 72 images of him. I had taken images of some food that ended up in the same collection. I did, however, take 66 frames.

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