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Little shop on Etsy

I did it. I created a shop on Etsy and it's quite easy to look up. [plug MonicaVoPhoto] It took me a while to get it together, but there it is. As much as I love portraits and food, I thought it was a waste that I wasn't doing anything with my pictures of flower, leaves, and nature in general. One thing I noticed that most photographers did on Etsy do, was to "dress" up their images. Meaning, provide mock-ups for customers to get a sense of what the images look like in a given space. That seemed obvious enough, really. I tried to do the dressing myself, but well, the attempt was lackluster.

I bought a cheap frame at Marshalls (that blended all too well with the background) and just added included the image. And yet, it did not do what I wanted to achieve, and that is, provide the viewer of what the image would look like in a space. A simple frame on the ground is fine, nothing wrong with it, but I knew it could translate better. Enter a wonderful access to stock photos, courtesy of my oldest sister.

So pretty! The sense of space! My arms are flailing around just by how much I'm in love with it. Again, nothing wrong with a simple frame on the ground, but I love the extra layer. Stock photos can help cast the image in the best light, and demonstrate the image's potential in someone's home, office, etc. I'm quite pleased with how the process turned out.

As for those who may have wandered to my Etsy shop, I still kept my original demo in the gallery, just because it helps to show the images in various color schemes... and make me feel like the effort wasn't a complete waste of time.

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